Bathroom Renovations for Any Budget in Murray Bridge and Mannum

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Budget

A bathroom renovation can conjure up horrific ideas of walls being knocked out and of enduring months of repairs, construction debris and room alterations. Nevertheless, revolutionary changes in bathroom supplies, fittings and fixtures can offer a wonderful new look for this small utilitarian space.

First, figure out what you can afford to spend on your redesign project. If your budget is very small, you want to stick to cosmetic upgrades like paint, fixtures, or accessory changes. If your budget is slightly greater, you can tackle larger renovation projects like new tiling, shower and tub upgrades, or a change in flooring materials.

To make your decision a little easier we’ve listed a few bathroom renovation ideas

Do away with those old pink Formica countertops. Instead, add style with stone, concrete or eco-friendly countertop materials. These may be less expensive than you think, especially now that there are many man-made options. Just make sure you find a stone countertop contractor who can offer to supply and install fittings and fixtures that you’ll also need.

Update the accessories. Add an unusually shaped sink or commode as interesting visual elements.

Add quick design upgrades by replacing outdated tiles for modern ones. Tiles can add colour and texture to your bathroom.

Bathroom redesigns also include light fixtures. Make a significant change to your bathroom’s look by installing new ceiling and mirror light fixtures.

Add storage upgrades. Nothing looks worse in a bathroom than cluttered sinks and countertops. Look around to see where you can add storage space. Often, you can place this underneath a counter or up above your head where it won’t interfere with the daily activities in the bathroom.

Don’t forget to dress the windows. Add style and texture with wood shutters.

Textured walls are attractive in bathroom redesigns. Add wallpaper, colour or interesting texture to walls for a more interesting visual effect.

Change your flooring. Give your bathroom a modern look by installing hardwood, stone or concrete flooring. Carpeting is out of style, and besides, a hardwood flooring option is easier to maintain and to clean.

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